Law & Design CoLab

We are a team of volunteers with backgrounds in UX, graphic design, multimedia, marketing, law, and public policy. We develop community-driven projects to promote design thinking and cross-sector collaboration in Ontario’s justice sector.

We’re always looking for potential collaborators – whether you’d like to propose a project or if you’re interested in learning more about us, let’s chat.

The Law and Design CoLab flips the script of pro bono law.

Rather than lawyers who donate their services to organizations in need, we are a team of diverse volunteers who donate our time, expertise and fresh perspectives to help justice sector organizations improve access to justice.

We collaborate with community organizations and legal nonprofits to:

  • learn and implement new skills and practices
  • grow a rich, cross-sector network of collaborators
  • design, build, iterate and improve legal information products
  • foster citizen engagement, understanding and ownership of justice issues

Our partners

We gratefully acknowledge financial support provided by the Action Group on Access to Justice at the Law Society of Ontario.